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Curriculum Vitae / Bibliography


2013 - Art Toronto 2013,

2013 - Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver 25th Annual Gala and Art Auction,

Group and Solo Exhibitions

2013 - Sargasso Space, WAAPART, Vancouver.  Curated by: Wil Aballe. (solo show)

2013 - Relax A Little; One Of Your Most Celebrated Nervous Tics Will Be Your Undoing, Narwhal Projects, Toronto.  Curated by: Kristin Weckworth and Jon Davies.

2012 - De-Accessioned, Cooper Cole , Toronto.  Curated by: Lucas Soi.

2011 - A Glimpse of Smoke Compells My Eye to Blossom, 304 Days, Vancouver.  (solo show)

2011 - Unreal, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  Curated by: Daina Augaitus.

2010 - Pulp Fiction, Saint Mary's University Art Gallery Curated by: Corinna Ghaznavi.

2009 - The Unreal, With Jason Mclean and Rebecca Brewer, Vancouver.  Curated by: Emmy Lee and Stephanie Rebick.

2009 - And They Flew, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, ON. 

2009 - The Mouth of a Monk is Like an Oven, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto.  Curated by: Clint Roenisch. (solo show)

2009 - Pulp Fiction, MOCCA, Toronto; Museum London; Mount St. Vincent University Gallery, Halifax, Toronto, London, Halifax.  Curated by: Corinna Ghaznavi.

2009 - The Phoenix Art: The Renewed Life of Contemporary Painting, Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal, QC.  Curated by: Robert Enright.

2009 - This Zodiac of Lights, This Tent of Dropping Clouds, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto. 

2008 - New Paintings, Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  (solo show)

2008 - CBV2, Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON.  Curated by: Clint Roenisch and David Liss.

2008 - KIOSK XXII, Artists Space, NY; Galerie Art And Essai, Rennes France; Midway Contemporary, Minneapolis, USA;, Rennes, France.  Curated by: Christoph Keller.

2008 - The Lions – Group Exhib In Stockholm, Sweden, , Stockholm, Sweden.  Curated by: Tony Cederteg, Jeanette Steinsland, and Jacob Berliner..

2007 - 2X4, Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver, BC. 

2007 - Dripped, Dropped, Split, Upended, Exploded, Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver.  Curated by: Chris Keatley.

2007 - Tinyvices.Com, Univ. Of Wisconsin, Oshkosh; Studio Bee, Tokyo; The Gallery Soho, Clair De Roven Books, London, UK; Proyectos/Monclova, Mexico City; White Flag Projects, St. Louis, MO;, London, UK.  Curated by: Tim Barber.

2006 - Sis-Eht (MFA Thesis Exhibition), Bourget Gallery, Montreal. 

2006 - A Summer Group Show, Marlborough Gallery, New York, USA. 

2006 - Homemade Polygons, Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  Curated by: Lee Henderson.

2006 - Extensions Of Our Hands, Khyber Arts Centre, Halifax, NS. 

2006 - RBC Painting Competition, MOCCA, Toronto; Contemporain De Musee D'art, Montreal; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery; Art Gallery Of Calgary, Toronto, Canada. 

2006 - Book Forms, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver, BC.  Curated by: Owen Plummer.

2006 - Abstractions And Distractions, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Ottawa. 

2005 - Strange Bedfellows, Truck Gallery, Calgary, Canada.  Curated by: Holly Simon.

2005 - RBC Painting Competition, St. Mary's, Halifax; MOCCA, Toronto; Bau-Xi, Vancouver; Galerie Sussex Gallery, Ottawa, Halifax. 

2005 - Projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE Project, , Worldwide. 

2005 - Cyclop’s Dreams, Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver, BC. 

2005 - PAINT, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  Curated by: Curated by Neil Campbell and Monika Szewczyk..

2003 - Birthdaycake Island, Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver, BC. 

2002 - Vancouver Artists, Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina; Fifth Parallel Gallery, Regina, Regina. 

2002 - Faux Telephone Pole, 536 Site Space, Vancouver, BC. 


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2003 - Birthdaycake Island, Matthew Brown, James Whitman, J Cook >Read

Art Fairs

2013 - Art Toronto 2013,

2010 - Toronto International Art Fair, Courtesy of Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, ON. 

2009 - Toronto International Art Fair 2009, , Toronto, ON. 

2007 - Aqua Art 2007, Courtesy Of Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver, Miami. 

2007 - Duesseldorf Contemporary 2007 Art Fair, Courtesy Of Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver, Germany. 

2006 - Toronto International Art Fair, Courtesy of Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery. With, Toronto, Canada. 

Auctions and Fundraisers

2013 - Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver 25th Annual Gala and Art Auction,

2013 - Hold Them Up in Good Light: Access Gallery’s Annual Auction, Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  View Drawing

2010 - The Lions Donate to The Fine Line Fundraiser, Movember Auction, Toronto, ON. 

2010 - Birds of a Feather Gala, Border Crossings Magazine, Winnipeg, MB. 

2009 - Aexcess Auction – Friday, February 13, 2009, Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC. 

2009 - C Magazine Auction 2009: Spring Fling 5, Birch Libralato, Toronto. 

2008 - Flash Forward: Vancouver Art Gallery Art Auction 2008, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver.  >Read

2008 - C Magazine Auction: SPRING FLING 4!, Birch Libralato Gallery, Toronto, ON. 

2008 - Paradise: Lost And Found, Border Crossings Magazine, Winnipeg, MB. 

2008 - 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner And Art Auction, Western Front, Vancouver, BC. 

2007 - Toque, Western Front, Vancouver, BC.  Curated by: Emile O'Brien.

2006 - 75th Anniversary Gala And Art Auction, Vancouver Art Gallery

2005 - UE Magazine Fundraiser, Vancouver

2005 - Front & Back: A Cornucopia, Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver. 


2006 - MFA, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. 

1998 - BFA, University Of Victoria, Victoria, Canada. 

Awards and Grants

2014 - Ontario Arts Council Grant,

2012 - Project Grant, Canada Council for the Arts

2008 - Travel Grant, Canada Council

2008 - Travel Grant, BC Arts Council

2008 - Project Assistance Grant (Level 1), BC Arts Council

2007 - Project Assistance Grant (Level 1), BC Arts Council

2006 - Winner For Western Canada, RBC Painting Competition

2004 - Senior Scholarship Award, BC Arts Council, Concordia University. 

2003 - Architecture Landscape & Design Admission Fellowship, University Of Toronto (Did Not Accept Admission Offer)

1997 - President’s Scholarship, Held At The University Of Victoria.

1997 - The Helen Pitt Fund For Fine Arts, Held At The University Of Victoria.