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Sargasso Space

WAAPART, Vancouver, Curated by: Wil Aballe. 2013


Solo exhibition – April 4 – May 11, 2013.  Opening reception: April 4th, 5:30-9PM.
Hours: Saturday 1-5PM, Tuesday 6-9PM, or by appointment. 2050 Scotia Street, Suite  #528, Buzzer #189, Vancouver.  See website for parking instructions and map.  Contact Wil Aballe –

Text by Jon Davies:

When I was young, I was obsessed with a hardcover National Geographic book called Our Universe; it was full of mind-blowing colour illustrations of the surfaces of other planets, and of terrifying speculative renderings of what creatures would be capable of inhabiting them. When I first saw Matthew Brown’s paintings, they brought the same strange feelings I received from the book flooding back to me. Originating in tiny abstract line drawings, Brown’s large, enigmatic canvases choreograph uncanny compositions that hover on the precipice of figuration and abstraction. Otherworldy forms seem to flit between solid and ephemeral states as the paintings vibrate with an equally alien colour palette that is nearly vertiginous in its idiosyncratic juxtapositions. I like to think the paintings channel alternate dimensions that Brown has somehow glimpsed.